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Episode 19

Published on:

2nd Feb 2023

Touchy Subject: Anti Semitism

January 28 is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and given our current social and political climate, this felt like an appropriate time to discuss Anti Semitism. Our guests for this episode are Jaime Morocco and Tal Yardeni.

In this episode, our guests shared:
  • Their personal experiences with Anti Semitism and discrimination
  • Their fears surrounding the current social and political climate and how it impacts Jews everywnere
  • Why pacifying Anti Semitic rhetoric can be dangerous
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Connect with Jaime Morocco:
Jaime is a body transformation coach who helps women achieve their dream body permanently using science, mindset and energetics. She have had the privilege to have coached hundreds of women in her career. Her work has been featured in PopSugar, Insider, Univision and Refinery 29.

Connect with Tal Yardeni:
Tal is a breakup recovery coach who helps women let go of their ex, learn how to love the eff out of themselves, and be ready for their best relationship yet with her group coaching program, The Breakup to Badass Formula. Was born in the homeland, Israel and grew up in sunny Key West Floria.

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