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Episode 15

Published on:

29th Mar 2022

Touchy Subject: Women in Church Leadership

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This episode was recorded on March 15, 2022.
On this episode, we discussed why women holding leadership positions in the church is a touchy subject.
On this episode, we shared:
Experiences with discrimination as female leaders in the Church
Biblical grounds for women to hold high level leadership positions in church
How to create space in the Church for women to have a voice for generations to come 

About our panel:
Rev. Susan “Sue” A. Webley (She/Her/Hers) is an award-winning ordained minister and entrepreneur on a mission to Encourage, Empower, and Educate. She is an Associate Pastor at Rivers of Living Water Ministries, UCC in NY and NJ, and serves The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries as its National Minister of Youth and Young Adult Ministries. An advocate for the traumatized, ostracized, villainized, and stigmatized, part of Sue’s life’s work is to help young people -particularly those who exist on the margins - realize their purpose, tap into their Divine-given potential, and embrace their power. Sue is the editor of the anthology At the Table: Words of Faith, Affirmation, and Inspiration for LGBT Believers of Color, created to bring messages of hope, love, acceptance, reconciliation, and restoration to those rejected for walking in their authenticity. Currently, Sue is a student at Chicago Theological Seminary, finishing a Master of Divinity degree. She is in the process of compiling additional installments of the At the Table series along with penning a more personal work, Pushing Past You: From Limitation to Liberation, scheduled for release Winter 2022.
Heather is a former pastor/worship leader that hosts the Just A Girl Pastor Podcast and page on Instagram. She has been out of church for almost a year after beginning her deconstruction journey over a decade ago. Her podcast and Instagram page started as a way to process her experience working in church, and her intention is to have conversations and create space for people to share their own stories of church hurt and abuse.
Chandrika D. Phea, an ordained reverend, is an outdoor enthusiast, a triathlete, a Wellness Coordinator by profession, and a partner with W. Brand Publishing for the release of her debut book, "Lord, I Don't Want to Die a Christian." In 2005, she graduated Beacon University with a Bachelor's of Arts in Biblical Studies then went on to complete a two-year teaching and missions assignment in China that ultimately revolutionized her life. For fun, Chandrika initiates local events (e.g. Bikes and Breakfast, Melanin Miles & More) providing her community's Black women trustworthy outdoor experiences.
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Touchy Subjects Podcast
The Touchy Subjects Podcast has been designed to unpack the proverbial elephants in the Church- i.e. the topics no one wants to talk about! We want to create space for an open dialogue on issues like social justice, mental health, women in leadership, homosexuality, legalism, and more. 

The panelists that are speaking on this podcast have been intentionally chosen to tell their story from their perspective without censorship. Some panelists are pastors or church leaders, some panelists are deconstructing their faith, and some panelists are subject matter experts on a topic whose guidance can help this audience.

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