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Episode 11

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25th Jan 2022

Touchy Subjects Takeover: Human Trafficking with Lex Smith and Rebecca Bender

This is the first episode of our new Touchy Subjects Takeover series, where we have different guests take over the show and discuss topics that have a special meaning to them. 
This episode is hosted by Lex Smith, a trauma informed consultant and survivor of human trafficking and Rebecca Bender, CEO of the Rebecca Bender Initiative and founder of Elevate Academy.
As we are discussing human trafficking on this episode, please be advised that some of this content may be difficult to hear, and we here on the Touchy Subjects Podcast encourage you to care for your safety and well-being.
January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month, please check out @letstalktouchysubjects on Instagram or the Touchy Subjects Community Group on Facebook for more information on how you can get involved. Touchy Subjects Podcast Links 
About our guests:
Lex Smith is a lifelong human rights activist after surviving sexual exploitation her entire childhood and the lifelong effects of that abuse. She is a first-generation college graduate with a degree in Psychology and runs a business as a trauma-informed consultant to those interfacing with survivors of violence. 
Relentless in her mission to help others find their purpose, Rebecca Bender is CEO of the Rebecca Bender Initiative and founder of Elevate Academy, the largest online school for survivors of trafficking in the world. An award-winning thought leader, advocate, author and consultant, she educates on many human trafficking related topics and serves the U.S. National Advisory Council, state Dept of Justice Advisory Council, and advises a variety of nonprofits.
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Touchy Subjects Podcast
The Touchy Subjects Podcast has been designed to unpack the proverbial elephants in the Church- i.e. the topics no one wants to talk about! We want to create space for an open dialogue on issues like social justice, mental health, women in leadership, homosexuality, legalism, and more. 

The panelists that are speaking on this podcast have been intentionally chosen to tell their story from their perspective without censorship. Some panelists are pastors or church leaders, some panelists are deconstructing their faith, and some panelists are subject matter experts on a topic whose guidance can help this audience.

Our mission is not to expose the Church, but to have conversations that will open eyes, open ears and open hearts toward growth, healing, and unity.

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