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Episode 10

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12th Nov 2023

Unmasking High Control Environments

In this eye-opening episode, our three guests—Bre, Dr. Jan, and Hillary—bravely share their personal journeys within various cults, shedding light on the dark corners of manipulative environments. Bre, raised in a non-denominational cult in Canada, discusses the toxic religious aspects and her subsequent venture into coaching to aid others in their recovery. Dr. Jan, a former school psychologist, provides insights into the damaging effects of the shepherding movement, exposing the perils of authoritarianism and control. Hillary's story unveils her experiences in the Twin Flames Universe, an online spiritual group, detailing emotional manipulation, financial exploitation, and the pressure to conform.

The heart of the episode explores the theme of high-control environments, commonly associated with cults. Bre emphasizes power dynamics and the coercion to serve and tithe within religious communities, revealing a lack of autonomy in decision-making. Instances where seeking permission from pastors for personal choices was the norm, especially for women, illustrate the extent of control. Hilary contributes her perspective from the Twin Flame universe, delving into how the group leader manipulated relationships and influenced gender transitions to fit prescribed unions.

This insightful conversation brings attention to the red flags indicative of cult-like control in various environments, urging listeners to recognize and navigate these warning signs. Join us as we delve into the shared struggles of autonomy, manipulation, and the quest for freedom within the diverse experiences of our guests.

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About our Guests:

Dr. Jan Fox-Peterson practiced school psychology for many years for a large, urban k-12 school district until she became a consultant in restorative practices and a Supreme Court approved mediation/dispute resolution provider. In a nutshell, in the last decades, Dr. Jan has focused on coaching people in relationship wellness, compassionate communication, transforming conflict, and discovering their inner strength to persevere through trials in life.

Bre Hamilton is trained through an ICF accredited coach training, as well as utilizing her own methodology, Awareness to Action Method™️. She works with Folx who have escaped toxic religion to heal and deconstruct their beliefs in order to live the life they truly intend to live through tapping back into their intuition, primarily through community focused programs.

Hillary Dahl is a trauma sensitive coach that has a passion and desire to guiding others to get out of their heads and into their lives. Hillary works with you in a loving and compassionate way to guide you to a solution to bring you more peace and ease.

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Touchy Subjects Podcast
The Touchy Subjects Podcast has been designed to unpack the proverbial elephants in the Church- i.e. the topics no one wants to talk about! We want to create space for an open dialogue on issues like social justice, mental health, women in leadership, homosexuality, legalism, and more. 

The panelists that are speaking on this podcast have been intentionally chosen to tell their story from their perspective without censorship. Some panelists are pastors or church leaders, some panelists are deconstructing their faith, and some panelists are subject matter experts on a topic whose guidance can help this audience.

Our mission is not to expose the Church, but to have conversations that will open eyes, open ears and open hearts toward growth, healing, and unity.

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